Prayer Shawls by Suzianne

Roses of Belfast
Brown-eyed Susan
Under a White Umbrella
Mexican Conquest
Expresso Dreams
Summer Rain
Christmas Eve
Morning After
Eternal Unity
Bitter Blossoms
Tender Mercies
Into the Darkness
Miss Maddy Jones
Could They?
The Temple Gate
Midnight Writer
Sioux-Blue Sky
Nine Years Old
Spring Sonnet
Same Time, Next Year

My little mission project is to crochet at least one prayer shawl each month for the pastors of our church to give to those who are infirmed, confined to home or in need of comfort.  Each shawl conveys my prayers and those of the congregation for that person. 
If anyone would like to make a prayer shawl, feel free to follow the instructions that follow or let your creativity guide you.

Prayer Shawl Instructions

First United Methodist Church

Rogers, Arkansas


Use a size “K” crochet hook.

Approximately four 5-ounce skeins of medium yarn plus an additional skein of matching or contrasting yarn for trim.


To begin:  Chain 61 (not tight)


In the 4th stitch from the end of the chain, make a double crochet (DC), chain 2 and single crochet (SC) in the same stitch.


*Skip 2 stitches, in the next stitch DC twice, chain twice and single crochet* (this makes a shell)


Repeat * to * forming shells to the end of the first row.  (Each row will contain 20 shells.)


DC and turn, in the same stitch DC again, chain twice and single crochet.


In the loop formed by the chains in the last shell, DC twice, chain twice and single crochet.


Continue forming shells as above, making as many rows as desired.  The shawl should measure approximately five to six feet in length.


When completed, attach fringe.  Five strands of yarn wrapped around a book will form a ten-strand tassel of approximately 6 inches which can be applied through the loops in the shells.  There will be twenty tassels at each end of the shawl.  Use more or fewer strands of whatever length looks appropriate for the shawl and the type of yarn used.

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